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How To Set Up BitConnect Coin Wallet on Linux Operating System?

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A “BitConnect wallet” is basically the BitConnect Coin Account, which allows you to receive BitConnect Coin, store them, and then send them to others.

There are two main types of BitConnect Coin wallets. A software BitConnect wallet is one that you install on your own computer and a web BitConnect wallet is one that hosted on web server. Click here to sign up for Web BitConnect Wallet.

With Desktop or software BitConnect wallet, you are in control over the security of your BitConnect Coins.

To Setup Desktop BitConnect wallet, follow the below steps:

Download BitConnect Coin wallet from here.

Open linux terminal and go to destination path of downloaded directory

Unzip the wallets files using command unzip -d destination_folder.

execute the wallet file using command ./bitconnect-linux-qt

You can now send and receive BitConnect Coin directly from BitConnect Desktop Wallet and also use this wallet to stake BitConnect Coin.