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Apple offers Great App for Bitconnect Users - BitConnect IOS App launch

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​Bitcoin being the best known and trusted cryptocurrency on the market today have announced that they have joined one of the biggest and most successful networks globally with the launch of their iOS app. The app uses only a small amount of memory and data but provides exceptional speed and flexibility. It combines Bitcoin wallet, Bitconnect, transaction information and features quick send and receive BTC & BCC.

This app will impact positively on Bitconnect Coin and enhance accessibility for all Bitcoiners and there will be further innovative features added in the coming months.

If you would like to be in touch with all your Bitcoin transactions while you are on the go and want to use Bitcoins where ever you go the app is just for you. With the most advanced cryptocurrency Apple have developed some of the best features to keep you connected to your Bitcoin wallets and services.

This is only the beginning for all the Apple Bitcoiners and Bitconnect Coin Owners and with the new exciting features that will be added over the coming months download the BitConnect app now from the iTunes app store to get the following features.

⇒ The latest updates and Bitcoin news

⇒ Access your Bitcoin-Bitconnect wallet

⇒ Transactions Bitcoin-Bitconnect sending and receiving

⇒ Bitcoin market prices with up to date changes in percent

⇒ Transaction details with transaction hash for Bitcoin

⇒ BCC Exchange Escrowed Balance

⇒ QR Code Support for Bitcoin and Bitconnect

⇒ Notifications of any transactions on your account

⇒ The latest currency conversion rates

Downlaod IOS app :

If you want the best mobile experience and being up to date with real time notifications you will not be disappointed with the latest BitConnect app for iOS.

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