Bitconnect’s upcoming projects Continue on journey- Roadmap Overview

Bitconnect's upcoming projects Continue on journey. One might wonder what BitConnect is planning next, and how the value of the coin will evolve over time. Some of the prominent developments completed and some awaited in the Bitconnect ecosystem .

1-ICO Coin Distribution & Marketing.

  • Start-15th November 2016 & End-31st December 2016
  • Distributing 4.8 million coin to existing BitConnect Community as Bonus and other crypto investors.
  • Marketing campaigns will run along with Coin Distribution

2-BitConnect mainnet Launch-Web wallet & Desktop client(Q1-2017)

  • Full node software is openly Distributed with Desktop client for staking & Mining the BitConnect Coin with proper guide.
  • Web wallet will available for coin holders to send and exchange BitConnect Coin to trading platform.
  • Marketing campaign will run During this time to bring new crypto community.

3-Mining & Staking pool Launch (Q2-2017)

  • Mining & staking pool launching for the community to earn. BitConnect Coin reward with mining & minting.
  • Mobile wallet app & paper wallet.
  • Debugging & feature building.
  • Listing at more exchanges.

4-BitConnect Smart card (Q3-2017)

  • Development of smart card for every day utility
  • Smart BitConnect card Distribution to BitConnect Coin community.
  • Aggressive Marketing campaign

5-Partnership and BitConnect ecosystem Development (Q4-2017)

  • Partnership with number of merchants and service providers.